Power Architecture SBCs

The most advanced multi-core Power Architecture processors enable you to achieve the high performance you need - whatever the demands of the application.

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Product Name Form Factor Processor Maximum Memory AXIS Support Ruggedization Other
IMP3B 3U CPCI - Single Slot Commercial, Conduction Cooled
PPC11A Rugged 6U VME Single Board Computer PPC11A Rugged 6U VME Single Board Computer VME 6U QorIQ T2081 @ 1.8 GHz / T1042 @ 1.4 GHz 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM with ECC Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled 512 MB NOR Flash memory, 32 GB NAND Flash SATA Solid State Drive
SBC314 single board computer SBC314 SBC VPX 3U QorIQ T2081 @ 1.8 GHz / T1042 @ 1.4 GHz 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM with ECC Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled PCIe
DSP221 PCI Express, VXS 6U, XMC/PMC QorIQ T2081 @ 1.8 GHz
PMC522 PMC522 Serial Controller PMC/PCI
PMC522/FP Serial Controller PMC/PCI
Flight-certifiable QorIQ Power Architecture T2081 3UVPX SBC SBC314C Flight-Certifiable Single Board Computer VPX 3U QorIQ T2081 @ 1.8 GHz Level 5 Rugged Conduction Cooled

POWER ARCHITECTURE SBCS products that are No Longer Recomended or Discontinued see below.

Product Name Body
PowerXtreme PPC10A SBC

The PPC10A offers 8-core processing power in the same power envelope as previous dual core boards. 

C2K PICMG 2.16 6U CompactPCI SBC Provides High Performance Computing

Meet the computing needs of defense and aerospace applications with a 6U CPCI 7448/7447A-based embedded computer

Cascade Dual Domain The Cascade provides the foundation for a High Availability system, featuring a tightly coupled architecture with redundancy in CPUs, power supplies, and fans.
Cascade SE2.16 Cascade SE2.16 a highly flexible broadband processing systems platform for High Availability telecommunication applications.
CK3 Conduction Cooled 6U CPCI single board computer to 500MHz. Up to 512MB SDRAM and 32MB Flash. Two serial ports, parallel port and two PMC slots.
CK5 Rugged 6U CPCI Single Board Computer with G4 PowerPC processor includes 10/100 Mb Ethernet and two PMC expansion sites.
CM4 3U PowerPC CPCI single board computer with conduction cooling at 400 to 500 MHz. Up to 256 MB 100 MHz SDRAM with ECC and 64MB Flash, Fast Ethernet.
CM4R 3U CompactPCI SBC

Meet the computing needs of defense and aerospace applications with a 3U CPCI 7410/755-based embedded computer

CM6 3U CompactPCI Single Board Computer

Meet the computing needs of defense and aerospace applications with a 3U CPCI MPC8641/8641D-based embedded computer


CPCI-7055RC is a high performance computing CompactPCI SBC based on IBM 750GX processor operating at 1.0 GHz and offering up to 1 GB DDR 400 SDRAM with ECC. It features dual PCI-X PMC expansion sites and 3x GbE ports for demanding embedded applications.


The rugged 3U CPCI PowerPC Single Board Computer with 1 GHz MPC7447A G4 processor, 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 128 MB flash and two Gigabit Ethernet ports can be used as a system controller or peripheral card.

DSP220 Multiprocessor

High performance, VXS switched fabric-enabled, Power Architecture-based multi-core processor for VXS applications.

DSP230 Multiprocessor

The DSP230 8640D 6U VPX multiprocessor supports concurrent, any node to any node, data movement over PCIe and Serial RapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet via onboard switched fabric

EmPower EP1A EP1A (Embedded PowerPC) is a COTS 6U VME64 SBC offering cost-effective processing based on highly integrated MPC8240 or MPC8245, plus 4 optional sync/async serial lines and an optional MIL-STD-1553 interface for high performance computing communications.

Combine Power Architecture processing and a unique set of I/O to perform in demanding embedded computing applications. 

EmPower PrPMCQ2

PrPMCQ2 is ideal for use either as a standalone processing solution or as a mezzanine add-on with Abaco's market-leading families of Power Architecture based SBCs. Capable of Monarch or non-Monarch operation, the PrPMCQ2 is based around the PowerQUICC II

G4ADSP Multiprocessor

Supports customer programs that need to maintain current Power Architecture multiprocessor platforms based on first generation 74xx processors.

G4DSP-XD3 Multiprocessor

G4DSP-XD3 incorporates four MPC7447A/7448 compute nodes to provide the large processing performance needed for rugged mil/aero applications.

K2 PowerPC 750 CompactPCI computer to 500MHz. Full Hot Swap, dual PMC expansion slots, and Ethernet.
K2-TM The K2-TM is a 6U rear panel Transition Board which is directly plug compatible with the K2 single board computer. Provides I/O access to J3 and J5 of the processor board.
LM4 Single Slot PowerPC 75X 3U CPCI embedded computer to 500 MHz. Ultra compact with PMC slot and optional conduction cooling.

The PMC721TX is a high performance Processor PMC module (PrPMC)based on IBM’s PowerPC 440GX processor.

Power7E 6U PowerPC VME single board computer at up to 500 MHz. Up to 512 MB SDRAM with ECC. Two serial ports, parallel port, Ethernet and PMC slots.
PowerPact3 IMP1A Designed for high perfermance computing applications with restrictive dimensional requirements, IMP1A packs a powerful CompactPCI SBC into an extremely space efficient 3U form factor.
PowerPact3 IMP2A Designed for rugged computing applications with restrictive dimensional requirements, IMP2A packs a powerful CompactPCI SBC into an extremely space-efficient 3U form factor.
PowerPact3 IMP2B

Meet the computing needs of defense and aerospace applications with a 3U CPCI 7448/7447A-based embedded computer

PowerPact6 CP1A CP1A takes full advantage of the enhanced features of CompactPCI, it supports hot swap and high I/O pin count along with an extensive range of I/O coupled with two PMC sites and an AFIX pluggable module to provide rugged high performance computing.
PowerXpress PPC8A

PPC8A 6U VME Power Architecture based SBC is a technology insert allowing enhanced high performance computing and functionality from successive boards, yet all delivered with the same hardware and software interface definitions.

PowerXtreme PPC4A

PPC4A COTS 6U VME64 single board computer (SBC) offers high performance computing, Power Architecture processors combined with the same rich feature set of the Power Reference Platform (PReP) architecture. PPC4A supports SDRAM on a fast 100 MHz memory

PowerXtreme PPC7A

PPC7A is a single board computer (SBC) offering high performance computing with a choice of PowerPC processors and two PMC sites via 64-bit 66 MHz PCI that provide access to further incremental system expansion if required

PowerXtreme PPC7D PPC7D 6U VME SBC offers the 7448 Power Architecture processor, fully supported by Marvell Discovery III Integrated System Controller providing high data bandwidth to Double Data Rate memory and a bridge to PCI-X buses, PMCs, serial IO, GbE, AFIX site
PowerXtreme PPC9A SBC

Upgrade existing lower-powered programs with dual core 8641D Power Architecture-based single board computer.

PowerXtreme PPC9B SBC

Upgrade existing lower-powered programs with dual core P2020 Power Architecture-based single board computer from Abaco Systems.

RL4 Single Slot PowerPC 75X 3U CPCI embedded computer to 500 MHz. Ultra compact, conduction cooled.

RL4R is a MPC755-based CPCI Single Board Computer featuring an ultra-compact single slot, all-in-one design with flexible processor and memory configurations, and a wide array of on-board peripherals.


Targeted at applications in embedded, rugged computing, 3U VPX SBC features a dual core integrated processor.


Increase application computing performance with a rugged 3U VPX single board computer with QorIQ™ processor


Based on dual core 8641D Power Architecture, SBC330 benefits from improved signal integrity and power management offered by the VPX form factor.Symmetric or asymmetric multiprocessing is supported, dual DDR2 memory controller can be assigned or shared.


Use high speed fabric and VME legacy connectivity to fulfill both high performance and rugged computing needs.


Based on the QorIQ processor, the SBC612 delivers uplift in performance without impacting the power envelope.

VG4 6U PowerPC 7410/75X VME single board computer at 400 to 500 MHz. Up to 512 MB SDRAM with ECC. Version with MIL-STD-1553 available. Optional Conduction Cooling and Fast Ethernet.
VG5 Dual/single (Asymetric Multiprocessing) Power Architecture processor 6U VME single board computer designed to meet the needs of high performance computing embedded applications. Conduction cooled versions available for rugged computing. Supports AltiVec

Upgrade existing inadequately powered programs with dual/single node dual core Power Architecture based SBC


Offering an IBM 750FX/GX PowerPC processor with up to 1 MB on-chip L2 cache and processor speeds up to 1.0 GHz, the VMIVME-7050 delivers extremely high performance with up to 2 GB DDR226 SDRAM.

XtraPower PPCM1 The architecture of PPCM1 loosely couples two fully independent processor nodes across a 64-bit PCI bus, providing the system architect with cost effective, high bandwidth processing units. PPCM1's architecture is optimized for real-time operating sys.
XtraPower PPCM2

PPCM2 VME SBC features enhanced high bandwidth inter-board communications via 2eSST VME and onboard StarFabric. Featuring the Power Architecture 7448 and Discovery III, it is ideal for a range of high performance computing, real-time applications.

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