Whether it’s a traditional rotating drive, or rugged/removable Compact Flash storage, in PMC, VME, VPX, and XMC form factors – we have it.

Product Name Form Factor Capacity Function
PMC-0247RC Disk Drive PMC Up to 250GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive Module
PMCF3 PMC With Removable CompactFlash Card PMCF3 PMC With Removable CompactFlash Card PMC Up to 6GB Compact Flash/MicroDrive Host Adapter

STORAGE products that are No Longer Recomended or Discontinued see below.

Product Name Body
SDD912 Rugged Flash Solution

The SDD912 is a rugged flash solution for integrating storage requirements into a single board computing system. An integrated flash module design implemented on a single 3U VPX card, the SDD912 provides high performance and high density storage capacity.


The VMIACC-0562/ACC-0562RC is a passive backplane adapter board designed for use with our family of single board computers (SBCs).


CPCI-7456 EMC Hard Drive Assembly with Optional Floppy Drive and Injector/Extractor Handles


CPCI-7457 EMC CD-ROM Assembly with Injector/Extractor Handles


The PMC233 family of embedded disk modules offers a totally new, high performance, low cost option for file system and boot storage.


PMC234 Compact Flash/MicroDrive PMC Host Bus Adapter


PMC-235 IDE PMC Host Bus Adapter


PMC-246 ATA compliant Host Bus Adapter


PMC-7450 PMC On-board Ultra DMA/66 hard disk drive


The PMC243 family of embedded disk modules offers a totally new, high performance, low cost option for file system and boot storage.


The PMC244 family of embedded disk modules offers a high-performance, low cost option for file system and boot storage. In addition, card edge PCI systems can be accommodated using our PMC239 adapter for rapid prototype and development.


PMC245 IDE PMC Host Bus Adapter


RMCD is an external rugged memory card drive that accepts a range of removable media options allowing COTS PC Card technology to be used in a variety of military vehicles.

SDD910 SATA Disk Drive Module

SDD910 is a high-performance, high-reliability, solid state disk drive module providing large capacity storage for rugged 3U VPX systems. Based on state-of-the-art NAND Flash technology, the SDD910 offers disk capacities up to 128 GBytes.

Telum 200-SATA

Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drive AdvancedMC (AMC) designed for use with AdvancedTCA (ATCA) single board computers and carrier boards and MicroTCA platforms.

Telum 210 SAS

Telum 210 SAS is an AdvancedMC supporting 2.5" onboard SAS hard disk drive storage with an LSI 1064E SAS controller designed for use with ATCA single board computers (SBCs), carriers and MicroTCA platforms.

V7479 Mass Storage Module for VME

The V7479 is a versatile mass storage module with the flexibility to offer a DVD/CD-R/W drive in combination with a SATA hard disk or Solid State Drive.


The VME-5740 hard drive module allows two SCSI hard disk drives to be added to any VMEbus embedded system with a SCSI interface. Ultra320 SCSI drive connectivity is provided through two SCA-2 80-pin internal connectors. SCSI IDs are set by onboard switche


The VME-7452 is a 6U single-slot VMEbus module that provides hard disk and floppy disk storage options


The VME-7455 is a 6U single-slot VMEbus module that provides a multi-session CD-ROM drive capability.


The VME-7459 is User defined by what IDE device is connected to the card.


VME-7469 Single Slot VMEbus CD/DVD

XMCF01 Solid State Rugged Flash Memory

The XMCF01 is an add-on, solid state rugged Flash mezzanine card that brings 256 GBytes of onboard storage capacity, 180 MBytes/sec sequential read and 114 MBytes/sec sequential write performance.

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