safety certification

You can create your own DO-254 artifact.

Or you can partner with us and use ours.

Flight Certifiable?
Yes, We Can

The advantage of COTS hardware solutions is that they minimize cost of development; minimize time-to-deployment; minimize program risk; and maximize return. We have invested so you don’t have to.

Suppose you could apply that same thinking to flight certifiability? Suppose a major COTS embedded computing provider was making an upfront investment in the artifact necessary to achieve flight certifiability, similarly delivering lower cost, lower risk and faster time-to-deployment?

Abaco Systems is the first vendor to do just that for COTS deployment – both boards and mission ready subsystems - in safety critical flight systems all the way up to DAL (Design Assurance Level) A.

Achieving flight certifiability is still a tough road. We want to share that journey with you, in partnership, to help you mitigate risks and benefit from our multiple program experiences.

Want to know more about how we can help you achieve DAL A certification for less money, in less time, at less risk? Contact us now…

Safety Certification

Abaco’s COTS Flight Certifiability Means:

Reduced cost

Lower risk

Shorter time to deployed systems

Painless certification


Flight Certifiable Platforms

Using Abaco’s flight certifiable hardware platforms will substantially increase the speed and reduce the cost of bringing mission-critical and flight-critical applications to deployment.

Safety-critical COTS solutions

Effectively leveraging the COTS market economies of scale for safety critical systems.


Partnering for success

We can work with you, sharing our 30+ years of expertise and experience in critical embedded computing applications, to help you achieve painless DAL A certification.

Providing the necessary design assurance documentation for a flight certifiable solution is a complex and time-consuming process. For certification to DAL A, this process is even more demanding and requires significant knowledge overlap between the sourced COTS components and the deployed system usage, starting with the system safety case. As such, the key to timely and efficient integration, and ultimately a painless system certification acceptance, is close partnership.

Abaco has 30+ years’ experience of providing critical embedded computing components for avionics, working in close partnership with our customers to achieve specific program requirements. Now, we’re not only leveraging that experience, but also investing in certifiable processes, to partner with our customers to enable us to work together to address programs that require both the benefits of COTS and the most stringent flight certification standards.