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Warships receive enhanced fire control system March 2018

Upgrading the network infrastructure on a warship is a significant task, with many unique challenges. The US Navy was looking to leverage the benefits of fully managed Ethernet switches, using a common, flexible operating environment across the fleet – while retaining its legacy systems.

LiDAR system maximizes crew protection March 2018

The AW139 is said to be the best-selling helicopter in its weight category and the most successful helicopter programme in the last 15 years. It has benefited from numerous technology upgrades – like the Abaco-enabled OPLS.

SAR missions get improved safety, efficiency March 2018

Leonardo was looking to integrate new, advanced capabilities into its range of rotary wing aircraft to increase their capacity for mission success. Advanced graphics would make a substantial contribution to reducing pilot workload and enhancing situational awareness.

AI helps make oceans safer March 2018

AI and machine learning are enabling new levels of capability in mission critical environments. CMRE took advantage in order to increase the efficiency and safety of unmanned underwater vehicles in detecting naval mines.

Time passes, technology changes February 2018

When BAE Systems needed to provide a significant performance upgrade to the onboard processing capability of the Eurofighter, the company turned to Abaco for a solution that met its demanding size, weight and power criteria.

Fifteen years of capability enhancement February 2018

The Abrams Tank has seen a series of upgrades in its 40 year history. General Dynamics chose Abaco’s SBCs, graphics cards and network switches for two major technology refreshes that have delivered more functionality in less space.

Upgrading a network – in space February 2018

Few deployed environments are more demanding than the International Space Station, which will be in service for 20+ years. Find out how Abaco was able to rise to the challenge of delivering the necessary absolute reliability and long term support – with a highly creative solution.