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GPGPU COTS Platforms February 2017

Abaco’s unique relationship with NVIDIA gives us an exceptional advantage in bringing the world’s leading graphics technologies to the battlefield. We leverage the massively parallel architecture of those technologies to bring TeraFLOPS of computing horsepower to demanding applications such as EW and ISR.

2017 Product Selection Guide February 2017

Almost everything you need to know about Abaco – who we are, how we do business and a comprehensive overview of our innovative product range – can be found in our latest Product Selection Guide.

Reflective Memory January 2017 Reflective Memory networks are real-time Local Area Networks in which each computer always has a local, up-to-date copy of the network's shared memory set. This networking technology caters to applications where determinism, implementation simplicity, and lack of software overhead are key factors. Reflective Memory is also able to integrate diverse hardware platforms running different operating systems into a single, shared memory network. To learn more, download this 8-page Reflective Memory brochure.
Sensor Processing October 2016
Abaco Systems corporate brochure August 2016

Welcome to Abaco Systems, the leader in rugged embedded computing and home to the industry’s most innovative solutions for deployment in harsh environments. Find out how we’re helping our customers succeed.

Avionics June 2016 Abaco Systems’ avionics products have been flying on a wide range of military and commercial aircraft platforms for over 30 years, and are widely used in the development, simulation, testing and maintenance of aircraft-, space-, weapons- and ground systems. Our extensive experience in creating truly rugged solutions – which extends well beyond avionics - means that our products are often deployed in the harshest, most challenging environments. Our product portfolio supports the main aircraft interface technologies (MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC 429) that have been the standard for the past 50 years in the industry, as well as more recent Ethernet-based technologies such as AFDX/ARINC 664 and a broad range of newer standards such as PCI Express, XMC, AMC, USB and ExpressCard.
Abaco Systems 2-page overview March 2016

Who we are, what we do, how and why we do it – you’ll find the answers here in a brief description of our company.