Abaco Systems MiddleWare

Abaco Systems MiddleWare comprises user-friendly software/middleware tools that offer a seamless middle layer integration point for custom applications that require dedicated hardware.

MiddleWare’s three major components are the AXIS Software Development Tool Suite; OpenWare Network Management Software; and the HealthToolkit. All three help ease and speed development through to deployment.

The Abaco Systems MiddleWare software family focuses on:

Productivity – facilitates rapid application development, reduced time to market, reduced lines of code and reduced software maintenance effort.

Connectivity – facilitates high speed, managed, secure inter-connection of nodes in a system.

Reliability – facilitates keeping the mission alive, smart fault management, and analytics.

Extendibility – facilitates integration of custom and third party components as well as the adoption of machine learning and “big data” analytics.




Software toolkit to facilitate system wide health monitoring

The Abaco Health Toolkit is a software framework and toolkit that facilitates the monitoring of a complete system’s health. It enables application developers to utilize and act upon health information to make pre-emptive decisions that can safeguard the application to keep the mission alive.

  1. HT Framework: DDS agent application to collect and distribute system health data.
  2. HT Libraries: IPMI abstraction libraries, Agent Template and Data Model Description.
  3. HT User Interface (UI): Displays events data, sets thresholds and alarms. This can be removed to expose an API usable in customer applications.

Key Benefits of Health Toolkit:

  • Mission availability:
    • Detects hardware malfunctioning/failures and reports at the application layer
    • Monitor computational resource distribution
    • Pinpoints system failures with high granularity, enabling rapid resolution
  • Accelerate time to deployment:
    • Deploy in system development, qualification and acceptance testing
    • Identify electrical and thermal issues quickly with high granularity
  • Predictive analysis:
    • Gathers history of health information over operating life
    • Highlights patterns of behavior leading to possible failure
    • Help in the process of predicting system failures



Software Toolkit to facilitate system wide health monitoring.



AXIS Software Development Tool Suite

AXIS is a suite of integrated software development tools that reduce the time taken to develop, test, debug and optimize complex software applications based on heterogeneous multiprocessor CPU and GPU platform architectures.

Abaco’s Software Development Tool Suite – enabling rapid software development:

  • Initialize the system – quickly configure all nodes in the system
  • Check system configuration – automate system configuration validation
  • Map application to system – place tasks for best performance
  • Perform high performance communications between tasks
  • Run the application – download and run on multiple nodes with two clicks
  • Determine bottlenecks – locate and resolve bottlenecks in data flow and task performance
  • Measure real-time performance – profile runtime data across entire system
  • Maximize algorithm performance – identify opportunities for improvement
  • Rescale the application – move the application to larger or smaller systems
  • Create graphical user interfaces for the applications - fast





The industry’s most flexible network management software

OpenWare is Abaco’s switch management environment, available exclusively on our NETernityTM Ethernet switches. OpenWare is a GNU/Linux-based firmware, bringing together the best of Open Source and proprietary switch control, routing and protocol implementations. This provides the user with a switch that can be easily configured for any network requirement.

Key benefits of OpenWare:

  • Open, scalable for compatibility, interoperability
  • Flexible/customizable capabilities for precise application fit
  • Uniquely fast start-up for mission critical environments
  • Mature and field-proven: used in Abaco designs for over 20 years, and deployed worldwide
  • Portable, with support for Ethernet switch fabrics from multiple vendors
  • Abaco owned/supported/maintained means optimum, highly knowledgeable support
  • Security prioritized at every level – from access and user security through to product security

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