Network Communications

Abaco’s unique OpenWare switch management software provides an extensive, powerful and flexible feature set that, together with our 30+ years of experience, means we can solve our customers’ toughest networking problems.

Rugged Routers & Switches

You can take advantage of our robust reliability coupled with advanced security and minimal SWaP – they’re all hallmarks of Abaco’s product range.


Embedded Ethernet Switches

Designed specifically for battlefield and industrial applications, our range of switches features advanced firewalls, encryption, and hardware-assisted security.


Ethernet Network Interface Cards

Our Ethernet cards, which support copper and fiber, are designed to relieve your bandwidth bottlenecks in CompactPCI® and VMEbus applications.


Switch Fabric Modules

Switched fabrics provide the interprocess communication backbone for OpenVPX systems – and these modules enable you to achieve the maximum benefit.


Reflective Memory

An innovative solution designed to provide highly deterministic data communications for your real time applications such as distributed simulation.


2021 Product Selection Guide

An overview of our innovative product range.

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No two networking challenges are the same – which is why our customers value Abaco’s flexible OpenWare switch management software.

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