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Protecting and rescuing on-ground personnel July 2020

While there is much technology focus on electronic warfare, more traditional applications continue to receive investment. This solutions brief reviews how Abaco supported the development of Close Air Support (CAS) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) applications.

Electronic warfare sensor processing in a SWaP-constrained environment July 2020

A major technology company turned to Abaco to help develop its planned unmanned aircraft systems UAS platforms with sophisticated sensor subsystems.

Faster Deployments for the Electronic Battlefield June 2020

This solutions brief describes Abaco’s partnership with AMERGINT Technologies to deliver an integrated hardware/software combination that uses modular software to enable more rapid prototyping of advanced electronic warfare applications – resulting in more timely deployment.

Electronic Support’s shifting size December 2019

There is probably no one-size-fits-all design approach for ESM and SIGINT systems – but how should they be right-sized and optimized? This solutions brief provides some suggestions, and looks at the role RFSoC technology can play.

RFSoC for Radar and Electronic Warfare April 2018

Controlling the electromagnetic spectrum on the battlefield is essential to mission success. A major factor in capturing and maintaining that control is having the most advanced radar and electronic warfare systems. Learn how RFSoC technology is bringing the needed performance and flexibility to the most demanding applications.