Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Abaco has an extensive track record in helping our customers turn sensor-acquired data into actionable information in the shortest time and at the lowest bandwidth in a broad range of digital and analog applications.

FPGA Boards

Take advantage of FPGA cards built on open standards and with a high degree of configurability in order to address a wide range of applications - without the expense and extensive development time of custom in-house developments.


FPGA Mezzanine Cards

FMCs bring modularity to high performance I/O - whether you need high bandwidth ADCs and DACs for radar applications, Gigabit Ethernet for digital communications, or clock and trigger distribution for multi-board synchronization.


FPGA Systems

Leverage our development platforms and rugged FPGA based systems that provide a rapid migration path from the lab to the field - without having to re-architect an entire system.


IP Cores & Software Tools

Utilize our Board Support Packages to get your hardware implementation underway as quickly as possible. The BSP gives you the control, flexibility and power to develop solutions for your most demanding digital signal processing applications.


Sensor Processing

If you need analog input and output boards for video compression, SDR, SIGINT, radar, sonar, imaging or T&M – we can help.


Image Processing

Real-time image processing, video fusion and video stabilization.


Target Tracking

Allowing real-time detection and tracking of targets.


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Digital Signal Processing

Build an electronic warfare solution from the largest FMC portfolio on the market and leading edge DSP boards that are modular, minimize latency and come with built in security features—all built on open standards.

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