Embedded Software

From basics like boot firmware, built-in-test, and operating system support to CERT bootloaders and intrinsic security, Abaco gives developers the tools to maximize their hardware investment and develop applications on a solid foundation.

Abaco Hardware Development Kit

Hardware Development Kit
The Hardware Development Kit is a powerful development tool that helps you harness available programmable logic resources within Abaco’s embedded FPGA platforms.


OS Support

Mainstream / Server OS:
Abaco supports a variety of mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Linux, and we focus effort on development and release of long-term support (LTS) strategies. We primarily focus Linux support efforts on Fedora and RedHat.

Real-Time OS:
Abaco supports a range of real-time OS and/or real-time extensions for VxWorks, LynxOS, Integrity, DEOS and others. We offer standard board support packages (BSPs) as well as Enhanced BSPs that also include interoperability with our MiddleWare products.

Safety Critical OS:
For the safety critical product portfolio, Abaco provides a Boot Loader and Power-on BIT as well as the associated DO-178C artifacts. We leverage the close partnerships with RTOS vendors in order to provide support for BSPs and drivers, including VxWorks 653, VxWorks 7, Integrity-178 tuMP, Deos, and Lynx-178.



Reduce time to deployment with MiddleWare

Abaco Systems MiddleWare comprises user-friendly software/middleware tools that offer a seamless middle layer integration point for custom applications that require dedicated hardware.


AXIS Software Suite
The AXIS integrated development tool suite reduces development, test, debug time and optimizes complex software applications in heterogeneous multiprocessor CPU/GPU architectures.


Abaco Health Toolkit

Health Toolkit
Health Toolkit facilitates board and system utilization and health monitoring, enabling developers to collect data for pre-emptive decision-making during development or deployment.



OpenWare is Abaco’s NETernity network switch management tool. It ensures the same look, feel and features are available across VME, VPX and COTS Systems switch products.