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Few applications leverage the breadth and depth of Abaco Systems extensive product range, experience and expertise more completely than solutions for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. DASS, Barracuda UAV, ASTOR, ATFLIR, AWACS, LAMPS and CAP all feature our single board computers, avionics interfaces, graphics and imaging subsystems and DSP boards.

When the deployed environment is highly constrained in terms of size, weight and power, yet demands outstanding computing throughput, Abaco Systems has the solutions.

LiDAR system maximizes crew protection

LiDAR system maximizes crew protection

The AW139 is said to be the best-selling helicopter in its weight category and the most successful helicopter programme in the last 15 years. It has benefited from numerous technology upgrades – like the Abaco-enabled OPLS.


Protecting and rescuing on-ground personnel

Protecting & rescuing on-ground personnel

While there is much technology focus on electronic warfare, more traditional applications continue to receive investment. This solutions brief reviews how Abaco supported the development of Close Air Support (CAS) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) applications.



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