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Autonomy Computer for Highly Automated Vehicles October 2017
Leveraging the capabilities of heterogeneous compute architectures using OpenCL October 2017
Lightning: mission ready systems delivering on the promise of COTS September 2017
Addressing the challenges of low latency video system requirements for embedded applications September 2017
Enhanced cooling technologies for superior reliability, performance June 2017
Secure Networking: Five Things to Consider June 2017
Design Approaches Impact GPGPU Implementation May 2017
From Machine Intelligence to Deep Learning May 2017
VME Forever ! March 2017
Ethernet switches: why time matters March 2017
High Performance Embedded Computing and Its Impact on Mil/Aero Applications February 2017
Leveraging FPGAs for Evolving ISR Application Requirements. February 2017
Software Challenges When Developing Applications for Multiprocessor Embedded Systems February 2017
Rapid Prototyping a High‑Performance Embedded Computing System January 2017
Game-Changing Technologies in Electronic Warfare January 2017
A Guide to the Generic Vehicle Architecture December 2016
Strategies for Open Architecture COTS Operating Systems October 2016
Tuning and Verifying Application Data in the Dark October 2016
Replicating Human Reasoning with Sensor-driven Mobile Computing October 2016
Open Standard Middleware Enables New Classes of HPEC Solutions July 2016
Network Engineering for Mission Critical Applications May 2016
AXIS Software Development Tools May 2016
Selecting a Bus Analyzer 101 March 2016
GStreamer Optimized Multimedia Processing for Audio and Video October 2015
Metadata Handling in Rugged Embedded Video Compression Systems August 2015
Classification of objects from video streams white paper March 2015
Transforming the Military Embedded Computing Landscape November 2014
NVIDIA'S Tegra K1: A Game-Changer for Rugged Embedded Computing July 2014
A Comparison of AXISFlow and MPI Middleware April 2014
Beyond DVE: Options for Improving Situational Awareness January 2014
Anti-Tamper Technology: Safeguarding Today’s COTS Platforms January 2014
Tuning HPEC Linux Clusters for Real-Time Determinism October 2013
GPUDirect™ RDMA March 2013
Effective Video Handling on Unmanned Vehicles December 2012
Automated Target Tracking July 2012
OpenVPX System Bandwidth May 2012
RDMA: The Future of High Speed Fabric Interconnects October 2011
Vetronics Architectures Emerge to Facilitate Network-Enabled Operations August 2011
Readiness Level Measures Boosted By COTS Computers July 2011
ATCA Blades, 6WINDGate Software Pair to Optimize Data Rate Throughput June 2011
Switched Fabrics Support High-Performance Embedded Computing for Military and Aerospace Platforms June 2011
DSP Applications to Reap Benefits from Inclusion of AVX in Processors May 2011
Recent Focus on 10Gbps Ethernet Driven by Heavy Demand for Video May 2011
Video Tracking Developments Afford Greater Range of Deployed Platforms May 2011
COTS-Based Computer Systems Reduce Risks to System Developers April 2011
Consumer Market Drives Advances in High-Performance Embedded Computing April 2011
PCI Express Peer-to-Peer Interconnect March 2011
Latest Intel Processors, Chipset Provide Dramatic Embedded Improvements February 2011
Embedded Computing Technologies for Unmanned Vehicles August 2010
Video Electronics Designed with the Unmanned Vehicle in Mind May 2010
Packaging of Rugged COTS Systems May 2010
Designing and Manufacturing Rugged COTS Assemblies May 2010
ATCA Makes the Most of Multicore Processors April 2010
Many-Core Processors Report Ready for Duty March 2010
The significance of Intel's Core i7 to embedded computing February 2010
Video Image Fusion for Real-Time Systems January 2010
Long Term Support Strategies for Open Architecture COTS Assemblies November 2009
Real-Time Networking with Reflective Memory September 2009
The Role of Packet Processors September 2009
Technical Needs and Challenges in Harbor Surveillance May 2009
Switched Ethernet Latency Analysis February 2009
Advances in Radar Processing February 2009
TS-MPEG4 Video Compression Application Concepts January 2009
High-Speed Data Acquisition for Medical Imaging Utilizing SDR Technology December 2008
DSP Libraries and Graphical Tools Accelerate Distributed Corner Turn Development March 2008
AXIS - Taking the Sting out of Multiprocessor DSP Application Development February 2008
Software Strategies for Leveraging VXS Technology December 2007
Lifecycle Management for Mission Critical Electronics July 2007
Ethernet Switching April 2007
daqNet - A Better Way to Build a Data Acquisition System March 2007
Real Time Ethernet January 2006
Mezzanine Cards Increase System Flexibility May 2005
Using Modular Building Blocks in Wireless Networks May 2005