Integrated Systems

COTS Systems
COTS Systems

Commercial Off the Shelf solutions for graphics, video, AI, and general-purpose processing plus remote data acquisition, sensor, and avionics processing.

Certified Systems
Certifiable Systems

Commercial Off the Shelf safety certifiable system-level solutions for general-purpose computing and avionics I/O backed by artifacts for DO-254 and DO-178 for DAL D to DAL A.

Configurable Systems
Configurable Systems

Rugged and lab/development chassis solutions incorporate COTS modules integrated to form a final solution selected to meet customer-defined requirements.


Considering the Make vs. Buy Decision for Flight-Certifiable Embedded Electronics

Some aircraft designers and systems integrators already design computers in-house. For these companies, the question must be asked, just because you can, should you? Anything that distracts you from your core competencies could result in project overruns, delays or failure.


SOSA™ standard

Abaco is the leader in 3U and 6U VPX, meeting open standard requirements with innovative technologies.


Experts at mimimizing SWaP, we take it a step farther by building in advanced cooling features, maintaining compliance with the latest requirements, and keeping cost reasonable.

ruggedization levels

At Abaco, we design rugged in. That means choosing screened parts. State of the art mechanical engineering. Using conductive materials. Soldered components. Advanced cooling.


At Abaco, we have many of the building blocks our customers need to create the rugged autonomous platforms of the future.

Build your next system with the 3U & 6U VPX leader

Abaco has the broadest portfolio of products designed to align to the SOSA™ standard.


Whether it’s CMOSS, SOSA, OpenVPX, VME or whatever flavor you need, in 3U or 6U, Intel or Power Architecture, Abaco has what you need. And it’s backed by our long-term support and technology insertion programs to maximize return on investment


Abaco has an extensive track record in helping our customers turn sensor-acquired data into actionable information in the shortest time and at the lowest bandwidth in a broad range of digital and analog applications

Abaco Systems G&V

Leading edge commercial technology (NVIDIA, AMD/CoreAVI) coupled with Abaco’s ruggedization expertise delivers blazing high performance graphics and video performance from a range of platforms and small, lightweight mission-ready, pre-integrated subsystems

Abaco Systems Networking

Abaco’s unique OpenWare switch management software provides an extensive, powerful and flexible feature set that, together with our 30+ years of experience, means we can solve our customers’ toughest networking problems

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