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Abaco Systems delivers high performance rugged embedded computing solutions, based on industry standards and open architectures, to mission-critical applications in defense, aerospace and industry around the world. Previously known as GE Intelligent Platforms, we were spun out of GE in December 2015 and now operate as a standalone company.

About Us


We aspire to be your COTS rugged embedded computing partner of choice.


To support you developing best in class solutions with minimal risk and cost.


We are responsive, flexible, innovative – and always with unyielding integrity.


We have 700 highly skilled people – and 30 years of industry experience.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Your success is our success.


We excel at rugged to deliver the most reliable, durable solutions you can get.

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We have the broadest range of COTS rugged embedded computing products in the industry – from data capture to information delivery – enabling our customers to create entire systems from a single source.



Graphics & Video


I/O & Storage


Network Communications


Sensor & Image Processing


Rugged Systems & Solutions


Single Board



All of our products share three characteristics.


We have long been a pioneer in creating rugged systems capable of withstanding extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and moisture/contaminant ingress. No other company has more extensive expertise or experience in designing solutions for the most challenging environments.

Open standards

Abaco Systems has offered solutions based on industry standards and technologies for decades – often adapted from those found in the world’s largest commercial data centers. They deliver to our customers uncompromising price/performance, flexibility, interoperability and cost of ownership.

Minimal SWaP

Our customers continually need to do more with less: more processing capability, but in smaller, lighter weight packages that consume less power (SWaP). We’ve responded with innovative technologies and solutions that can deliver GigaFLOPS of performance in the most constrained environments.

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Service & Support

We bring 30+ years of experience to the flexible, responsive support of our customers, backed by robust, repeatable processes. Through every day of your program, our focus is on ensuring your success.

Initial Engagement

Our team of highly experienced application engineers (AEs) are experts in their field, and work with you to identify the optimum solution. AEs, and our customers, in turn are supported by our two centers of excellence – for high performance embedded computing (HPEC) and networking.


Through the life a program, regular technology refreshes/system upgrades are commonplace. In response, we have always featured designed-in ease of upgrade, providing a highly cost-effective path over the multi-year lifetime of the typical program, allowing you to add performance and functionality - at minimum cost.


Rapidly changing technology means that, at some point, products will become end of life. To help you mitigate the impact of obsolescence, our industry-leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program provides flexible strategies to ensure that products are available as long as you need them.

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We deliver mission-critical rugged embedded computing systems to defense, aerospace and industrial applications when failure is not an option.


Where the going gets tough – and then tougher.


On the surface and below the waves.


Fixed and rotary wing, manned and unmanned, military and commercial.


The ultimate test of our experience in rugged.


Transportation, energy exploration – and much more.

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International: +1-256-880-0444


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Latest News

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July 20, 2016
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Even though the Farnborough International Airshow got off to a stormy start, it's clear the industry is flourishing. Abaco Systems was proudly in attendance at the FIA to show how we're pushing the limits of avionics technology.
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You may be surprised by how often sales qualification is done inadequately. Here's why—and what you can do about it.
June 29, 2016
We're taking on new recruits at our Networking Center of Excellence! Engineers will learn how Ethernet switches are used in the military and aerospace market and come up with solutions to give us a competitive advantage.
June 22, 2016
Adding visualization to embedded applications has been difficult for decades—but we've made it easy. Michael Both describes how DataView, part of our AXIS development tool suite, breaks down traditional barriers of GUI packages and adds visualization to embedded applications faster than ever.
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Bernie Anger reflects on the first 6 months of Abaco Systems.
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