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General Purpose computing on GPU.

Brilliant technology. Put to work in the harshest environments.

GPGPU brilliance:
Taking GPU performance beyond graphics and video.

A graphics processing unit applies huge numbers of processor cores – in parallel – to manipulating, in close to real time, the millions of individual pixels it takes to create photo-realistic images.

But all those cores aren’t good just for pixels. They’re equally capable of processing data or algorithms in parallel – so called general purpose computing on a GPU (GPGPU). For applications that require parallelism in processing, GPUs can be transformative.


Deep learning. Autonomy. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. More.

The latest applications, designed to replicate human reasoning and human actions, absorb phenomenal amounts of data, analyze it and turn it into intelligent decisions and actions. That needs to happen in close to real time.

And that’s where GPUs excel, bringing hundreds of cores to bear on the problem, operating in parallel. The latest GPUs are capable of delivering over 100 TeraFLOPS of computing horsepower.

Even better: GPUs are more power-efficient than CPUs, making them ideal for deployment in SWaP-constrained environments.

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Perfect for compute-hungry defense applications.

Whether it’s radar, sonar, signal processing, target tracking, surveillance, image processing or many other branches of electronic warfare, GPUs bring incredible processing performance, leveraging hundreds of cores operating in parallel to benefit the most demanding applications.

We bring our leadership in developing rugged systems to bring the capability of GPU technology to the most challenging, most hostile settings - like the battlefield.

Add to this our expertise and experience in minimizing size, weight and power, and there is almost no environment into which an Abaco GPU-enabled solution can’t be deployed.



Leading-edge GPGPU solutions from Abaco.

Whether it’s complete, self-contained rugged computers, board level products or the software that makes it easier and faster to develop the most sophisticated autonomy and EW applications – Abaco has the solution.

Take the 3U VPX GRA113 graphics board, for example, with its 640-core NVIDIA GM107 GPU.

For application development, ImageFlex considerably speeds and simplifies the creation, optimization and maintenance of advanced AI applications – especially those targeted at autonomous vehicles.


We’re proud to partner with NVIDIA for their state of the art GPU technology.

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