Graphics & Video Boards

Available in a range of form factors, Abaco’s rugged solutions respond to your need for optimum performance and flexibility – and robust reliability.

Product Name Form Factor Chip Set I/O Cooling Conformal Coating Extended Temperature Range
GRA115Q GRA115Q VPX 3U NVIDIA QuadroRTX™ 3000 GPU, NVIDIA QuadroRTX™ 5000 GPU 2x DisplayPorts 1.4a outputs, 2x SL-SVI outputs, 4x SL-DVI outputs Air, Conduction Yes From -40° to +85°C
IPN254 IPN254 VPX 6U NVIDIA Turing RTX3000 (TU106); 9th Generation Intel Xeon E CPU (E-2276ME) DisplayPort, DVI, GPIO, SATA, Serial, USB Air, Conduction Yes
GR2 VPX 3U NVIDIA Pascal GPU – Quadro P5000/P3000 2x DisplayPort outputs Air, Conduction No No
GR4 VPX 3U NVIDIA Pascal GPU – Quadro P5000/P3000 4x 3G-SDI inputs, 4x 3G-SDI outports, 1x DisplayPort output Conduction No No
GR5 3U VPX NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics, video and GPGPU board. GR5 VPX 3U NVIDIA Pascal GPU - Quadro P2000 2x SL-DVI output ports, 2x DisplayPort 1.2 output ports Air, Conduction No From -40° to +85°C
ICS-8580 Video Compression Board ICS-8580 Video Compression Board XMC TI TMS320DM6467 DSP Analog Video, Digital Video, PCIe, Ethernet Air, Conduction, Spray Option Yes
NVP2000 XMC NVIDIA Pascal GPU - Quadro P2000 3x DisplayPort 1.4 outputs Air, Conduction No Yes
NVP2102 3U, XMC NVIDIA Pascal GPU - Quadro P2000 4x 3G-SDI inputs, 2x DisplayPort outputs Air, Conduction No Yes
NVP2102A XMC Graphics and Video Capture Board NVP2102A 3U, XMC NVIDIA Pascal GPU - Quadro P2000 4x 3G-SDI inputs, 2x SL-DVI output ports, 2x CVBS (NTSC/PAL) inputs, 2x Audio inputs, 2x 3G-SDI outputs, 2x Rear DisplayPorts 1.4 Air, Conduction No Yes

GRAPHICS & VIDEO BOARDS products that are No Longer Recomended or Discontinued see below.

Product Name Body
XMCGA8 XMC graphics board

Delivering increased performance/slot means more can be done with less. XMCGA8 XMC graphics board delivers 2x performance/slot; minimizes long term cost of ownership with 20-year chipset support and reduces risk and time to market.

G2 Graphics PMC Module

The G2 Graphics PMC Module Family provides a powerful ATI Radeon® 9000 based 3D grahics processor for multiple display and video capture capability in a single PMC.

G2 Riser Modules

The G2 Riser Modules provide front panel I/O access for all G2 Graphics PMC outputs and inputs.


The GRA110 is the first graphics board to be announced in the 3U VPX form factor. Bringing desktop performance to the rugged market, the GRA110 represents a step change in capability for the embedded systems integrator. With outstanding functionality, to

GRA111 Graphics Board

GRA111 is a 3U VPX board with state-of-the-art NVIDIA GT 240 GPU bringing desktop performance to the rugged Military and Aerospace market.

GRA112 Graphics Board

The GRA112 enables high-performance computing and visualization applications in SWaP-constrained, rugged environment

GRA113 Graphics Boards

Enables high-performance computing and visualization applications in SWaP-constrained, rugged environments

IPN250 Multiprocessor

The IPN250 enables video and image processing applications to run in rugged environments with GPU and CPU technology.

IPN251 Intel/NVIDIA Multiprocessor

The IPN251 combines the best of GPU and CPU processing technology to deliver outstanding computing performance.

mCOM10-K1 Mini COM Express
NPN240 Multiprocessor

Dual NVIDIA® CUDA™-enabled processors for creating rugged computers with potential performance in the thousands of gigaFLOPS.


Octegra3 is a video & graphics overlay engine designed to present multiple sensor images to deliver superior situational awareness.


P2-Video is a general purpose CRT and LCD video graphics controller adapter in PC-MIP format.


The PMC-7463 is a PMC-based DVI/SVGA video adapter.


PMCCG1 Rugged PMC Graphics Mezzanine Module, S3 2300E GPU, PCI-X, PMC, RS-170, NTSC, PAL


PMCGA3 is designed to deliver high levels of graphics performance fro the rugged marketplace. Based on the 3Dlabs P9 Visual Processing Unit, It offers lower power alternative to the PMCGA4.


PMCGA4 is a market-leading graphics accelerator card designed from inception for the defense and aerospace markets. Using 3DLabs groundbreaking P10 Visual Processing Unit (VPU) at its core, it is capable of delivering the highest levels of performance in


The PMC-VIDEOPLUS high-resolution CRT video graphics controller for PMC supports a variety of SVGA/CRT monitors in single-display configurations.


The SE1 is a Pentium M based high-performance graphics card, biring the power of desktop gaming to the aerospace and defense market.


SE2 - High Performance Graphics Engine - Intel Core 2 Duo processor with NVIDIA GPU in a single slot VMEbus (VXS enabled) board.

Telum 2001-VGA

Telum 2001-VGA provides a high-quality, high-performance graphics adapter for an AdvancedMC carrier board. It supports a variety of SVGA/CRT monitors in a single display configurations. This AdvancedMC is ideal for board development applications.

VIM2 Mezzanine

Simultaneously capturing five video inputs and with advanced deinterlacing and scaling capabilities, the VIM2 significantly pushes the boundaries for embedded systems. 


XMCGA6 - XMC High Performance Graphics Board based on NVIDIA G72/73 GPU technology.

XMCGA7 Mezzanine

XMCGA7 - XMC High Performance Graphics Board based on AMD Radeon E6460 GPU technology is capable of PCIe Gen 2 speeds, and supports XMC, PMC, and Front I/O connection

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