P10 graphics processing unit


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on June 30, 2011

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PMCGA4 is a market-leading graphics accelerator card designed from inception for the defense and aerospace markets. Using 3DLabs groundbreaking P10 Visual Processing Unit (VPU) at its core, it is capable of delivering the highest levels of performance in the rugged marketplace. PMCGA4 is a PCI mezzanine card (PMC) compatible with industrial standard PMC-P1386.1/Draft 2.1, and is available in four ruggedization levels to cater for applications in both benign and harsh environments. The conduction cooled level 4 product conforms to CCPMC Draft VITA 20-199X. The board is intended for both new programs and technology insertion for existing programs. It is pin compatible with legacy Radstone graphics PMCs, and is supported by the same range of high quality software drivers.

  • Air-cooled and rugged conduction-cooled variants
  • DVI 1.0 digital video output
  • RS-170, NTSC & PAL video input and output
  • VESA output resolutions to 1600x1200
  • Two independent output channels
  • 128 Mbytes SDRAM
  • 3DLabs Visual Processing Architecture
  • Leading OpenGL performance
  • Proven software drivers
  • For Ruggedization Levels, please see the configuration guide under the downloads tab


Form Factor
Air, Conduction
Chip Set
3DLabs P10 VPU
Conformal Coating
Extended Temperature Range


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