ICS-8580 Video Compression Board

Standalone video compression XMC captures a broad range of video inputs for archiving or streaming over Ethernet.

ICS-8580 Video Compression Board


Video Streaming in a Rugged Unmanned Vehicle Environment

The ICS-8580 is a standalone video frame capture, compression, streaming and archiving solution in an XMC format making it an ideal solution for demanding video streaming tasks in military and aerospace applications.

Small, Lightweight and Consumes Little Power

The ICS-8580 responds to the rapid growth in unmanned vehicles and their requirement to deliver high quality mission video over links that are often bandwidth-constrained. It is designed to be a simple, plug-and-play solution that requires minimal integration or software development. The XMC form factor means that it is small, lightweight and consumes little power and with these features, in conjunction with its rugged design, means that it can be quickly deployed in demanding video compression or capture applications such as UAVs, integrated situational awareness, military video distribution and port security and border control. 


Block Diagram


Form Factor
Analog Video, Digital Video, PCIe, Ethernet
Air, Conduction, Spray
Video Compression
Chip Set
Conformal Coating
Extended Temperature Range
2HD or 4SD
Max. Sampling/Conversion Frequency
60 fps


ICS-7005 PCIe carrier and breakout card for the ICS-8580 that allows insertion of the ICS-8580 into a PCIe system or can be operated in stand-alone mode. 

ICS-7006A VITA 46.9 3U VPX carrier board for the ICS-8580 available in convection or conduction cooling. 

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