Target Tracking

Allowing real-time detection and tracking of targets.

Our automatic video trackers and image processors are at the heart of a wide range of commercial, military and paramilitary systems where they provide the highest performance solutions in the smallest, fully environmentally proven hardware packages. A range of proven high-performance algorithms, which can be tailored for the application, allow real-time detection and tracking of targets within the video image which meet user-determined selection criteria. Other functionalities include real-time video fusion and video stabilization. Abaco Systems' video tracking modules offer a wide range of video and data interfaces in order to offer total flexibility for integration with customer systems and are available in a range of physical formats allowing customers to add auto-tracking and image processing to standard subsystem configurations with the minimum of integration activity.

TARGET TRACKING products that are No Longer Recomended or Discontinued see below.

Product Name Body
ADEPT104 Automatic Video Tracker

PC104 automatic video tracker has powerful processing and fits well in SWaP-critical applications.

ADEPT105 Automatic Video Tracker

Detect and track multiple targets, perform real-time image stabilization with cPCI video tracker/image processor.

ADEPT3100 Automatic Video Tracker

Improve performance and reduce cost by combining video tracking and image stabilization in a single device.


ADEPT33 is a 3U VMEbus automatic video tracker primarily software-based. The ADEPT33 is capable of many tracking modes providing multiple modes of operation including centroid, correlation, edge, multiple target tracking, and SceneLock� algorithms.

ADEPT5000 Multi-Target Video Tracker

Improved algorithms provide greater distinction between the target and the background, as well as track multiple targets.

ADEPT60 Automatic Video Tracker

Track multiple targets by processing and stabilizing real-time video data from both the latest and legacy EO sensors.

ADEPT64 Automatic Video Tracker

ADEPT64 is a 6U PCI automatic video tracker and image processor. It has a powerful processing capability with the input of high speed digital data directly from EO sensors. A PMC site allows the flexibility of additional input video formats.

ADEPT74 Automatic Video Tracker

Turn sensor data into high resolution digital imagery in real time to detect and track multiple targets.

AIM12 Automatic Video Tracker

Multiple target detection and tracking performed on a compact, low power consumption video tracker/image processor

CAATS3 Video Tracker Enclosure

Compact enclosure provides interfaces for GE’s smaller video trackers operating in airborne applications.

Dual Gate LCU

GE’s Dual Gate local control unit (LCU) provides a user interface for the ADEPT line of automatic video trackers.

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