ADEPT64 Automatic Video Tracker

ADEPT64 6U PCI bus Video Tracker

ADEPT64 Automatic Video Tracker

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on January 4, 2014

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The ADEPT64 is a full-featured PCI format automatic video tracker and image processor. It maintains software compatibility with the entire line and has the powerful processing capability of our latest designs. This card is particularly well suited to evaluation, simulation, training and range instrumentation applications.
The ADEPT64 is capable of multiple operating modes. Pre-processors using advanced image processing algorithms are followed by tracking algorithms which include centroid,  edge, multiple target track, phase correlation, combined and SceneLock. It can also provide real-time electronic video stabilization using the SceneLock  algorithm. The provision of a PMC site allows greater flexibility in the provision of additional input video formats and image processing functionality. This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) card fits into any standard PC with a PCI bus. In common with other products in the ADEPT range, the ADEPT64 incorporates two axis PID platform drive filters and onboard serial links. Intuitive menu-driven PC software allows easy set-up and development.



  • Multiple algorithm capability including multiple target detection and multiple object track
  • Statistical target enhancement pre-processors for high clutter rejection
  • Intelligent “Breaklock” and re-acquisition algorithms
  • Platform drive filters
  • Onboard serial links
  • On board PMC interface
  • Composite video input / output
  • High speed digital video input
  • Symbology overlay
  • PCI full length card
  • PC control software




Form Factor
Control Interface
Video Input
NTSC/RS170 and PAL/CCIR (50/60Hz)
Video Output

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