Image Processing

Real-time image processing, video fusion and video stabilization.

Our image processors are at the heart of a wide range of commercial, military and paramilitary systems where they provide the highest performance solutions in the smallest, fully environmentally proven hardware packages. A range of proven high-performance algorithms, which can be tailored for the application, allow real-time image processing of targets within the video image which meet user-determined selection criteria such as real-time video fusion and video stabilization.

IMAGE PROCESSING products that are No Longer Recomended or Discontinued see below.

Product Name Body

CAATS2 is a compact, self-contained enclosure designed to provide all needed balance-of-system interfaces for GE Intelligent Platforms video trackers.

CAATS3 Video Tracker Enclosure

Compact enclosure provides interfaces for GE’s smaller video trackers operating in airborne applications.

Dual Gate LCU

GE’s Dual Gate local control unit (LCU) provides a user interface for the ADEPT line of automatic video trackers.

FUSION60 Image Fusion Processor

The FUSION60 uses an advanced image fusion technique to combine two input video streams into a single, enhanced video output supported by image pre-processors which provide noise reduction and contrast enhancement for image intensifiers.

IMP20 Image Processing Module

The IMP20 uses image fusion to ease the acquisition and interpretation of images from multiple sensors and cameras.

IPS5000 Image Processing System

IPS5000 is an image processing system for multiple sensor, situational awareness systems (also know as Distributed Aperture Sensor Systems DAS).

IPS511 Image Processing System

IPS511 is a rugged image processing system for multiple sensor, situational awareness systems (also know as Distributed Aperture Sensor Systems DAS).

MCP500 Many-Core Processor

MCP500 3U VPX REDI Many-Core Processor Gigabit Ethernet Network Processor Tilera TILEPro64 TILEPro

MIP3ES Miniature Image Stabilizer

Ultra small image stabilizer offers stabilization of real-time video images with any standard analog video signal.

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