MCP500 Many-Core Processor

3U VPX REDI image processor

MCP500 Many-Core Processor

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on December 4, 2014

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The MCP500 is a 3U VPX-REDI many-core computer based on the Tilera® TILEPro64™ processor and is part of the VPXcel3 product family. This processor delivers the industry’s highest performance processing for demanding applications in image processing and networking by exploiting the natural parallelism inherent in applications such as video (pixel and frame parallel), network (session and packet parallel), and wireless (channel parallel).

The MCP500 utilizes Tilera's System-On-Chip processor which integrates a scalable interconnect to provide high bandwidth and extremely low latency communication paths to multiple external interfaces such as external DDR2 memory, 10Gb XAUI interfaces and PCI Express for optimized use in VPX systems. The dual x4 PCIe interface is designed to provide a dedicated communications path to other single board computers and I/O cards in order to build complex systems.

The TILEPro64 device is fully programmable via a standard ANSI C and C++ environment, achieving the performance of an ASIC in a software programmable solution, reducing development time and enabling a faster time-to-market. The 3U VPX REDI MCP500 is available in both convection and conduction cooled variants.

  • Tilera® TILEPro64™ 700MHz processor (64 general purpose processor cores for compute-intensive applications)
  • 2x Four-lane PCIe interface (Gen1 support)
  • Four banks of 512MBytes DDR2 800 SDRAM
  • 2x 10Gbps XAUI connections for interfacing to external 10GbE 10GBASECX4 devices
  • RS-232 UART
  • User-selectable boot options, including host boot via the PCIe on board boot ROM*
  • C/C++ Programming model
  • Supports Linux, SMP Linux and VxWorks®
  • Standard tool chain based on Eclipse and GNU
  • Host Operating System support for Linux
  • VPX REDI convection and conduction cooled variants
* During the development phase, users can create their own boot images and program the ROM (Requires Tilera MDE license and tools).


Form Factor
Tilera TILEPro64 @ 700 MHz
Gigabit Ethernet
Operating System (OS) Support

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