Message Passing Interface Open Standard Communications Middleware for Real-Time Applications

Industry standard API provides compatibility, interoperability

Designed to be simpler to use than alternative solutions and part of Abaco's industry-leading AXIS (Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software) development environment, AXIS MPI's adherence to industry standard APIs (application programming interfaces) means that it benefits from broad compatibility and interoperability.

Higher performance than open source and commercial alternatives in real applications

AXIS MPI has also been demonstrated to deliver six times better performance in the same test under saturation conditions and was shown to achieve 5-10% + better performance when measuring GMTI radar mode performance during the Next Generation Radar study for the US Air Force.

Optimized for SWaP-sensitive applications

Compared with the leading industry standard open source MPI package, AXIS MPI's event driven mode means that it uses 75% fewer CPU cycles for pipeline throughput, significantly lowering power consumption and heat dissipation, and thus minimizing SWaP in sophisticated high performance, multiprocessor applications such as radar, sonar, image processing, signals intelligence and electronic warfare.


Advanced Integrated Software Development Tool Suite.



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AXIS Software

AXIS Software






Rapid software design, development, debugging and optimization are the key to minimizing time-to-deployment. You need Abaco’s AXIS.

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