AXISLib-AVX 2.5 DSP and Math Libraries

Providing VSIPL and proprietary Abaco APIs for the Intel i7 and Xeon-D architectures

AXIS Software

AXIS Software



Providing VSIPL and proprietary Abaco APIs for the Intel i7 and Xeon-D architectures


Industry standard API provides portability

AXISLib-AVX offers increased functionality with an open standard API (VSIPL) for code portability, supporting current platforms and future technology upgrades as well as RSPL performance API for increased control and efficiency.

Performance-Optimized (SWaP) – small footprint, deployed platform

AXISLib-AVX includes support for the latest generation Intel® Core™ i7  and Xeon-D processors, also includes providing a library of more than 600 performance-optimized digital signal processing (DSP), linear algebra and vector math function libraries that deliver world class performance on Linux, Windows and Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system platform. The library greatly accelerates commonly used computational functions found in many applications such as radar, sonar, and signal- and image processing. The increased performance drives more capability across a wider range of deployed SWaP-sensitive embedded platforms, thereby expanding the operational reach and duty cycle of the latest ISR platforms for defense, intelligence and home land security applications.


Multi-threaded better performance

AXISLib-AVX supports high performance by providing multi-threaded libraries facilitating multi-core signal processing applications on Abaco Systems' latest Intel Core i7 platforms across multiple form factors including 3U and 6U OpenVPX, VME and cPCI board sets and application-ready systems.


Radar, ISR, Sonar, SIGINT, ELINT, EW application

AXISLib-AVX lets customers harness the power of the latest Intel Core i7 and Xeon-D processors for demanding DSP/multiprocessing applications in a range of demanding multi-threaded, multi-core signal processing ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) applications on SWaP-constrained manned and un-manned ground, airborne and naval platforms. 





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