For when maximum throughput and minimal latency are everything.

The DSP282A 6U OpenVPX rugged multiprocessor.

Creating actionable information from sensor data – fast

Take two Intel Core 2.4GHz i7 quad core processors with 3D graphics capable of delivering 665.6 GigaFLOPS/slot. Add 32 GBytes of RAM and 40 Gigabit Ethernet on the backplane. The DSP282A redefines high throughput.




  • Two Intel® Core™ i7-5700EQ CPUs
  • Four cores, eight threads per CPU
  • Two channels 16 GBytes ECC 1600-DDR3L
  • AVX2.0 Advanced VectorExtensions
  • HD-5600 on-chip graphics

Platform security

  • Configurable security hub FPGA
  • Intel Trusted Execution
  • Intel ES new instructions


  • 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet data plane or PCIe™ gen 3 and OFED RDMA
  • 665.6 GFLOPS per card slot

Middleware and Libraries

  • AXISPro, AXISFlow, AXISmpi libraries
  • AXISLib VSIPL and RSPL multithreaded DSP and math libraries
  • Signal, image processing quick start examples
  • Intel OpenCL SDKs, IPP and MKL


  • 2x 1000BASE-T vPRO ports
  • 4x USB-2, 2x USB-3
  • 4x SATA-3
  • 2x HDMI/DVI, 2x DisplayPort
  • Serial, GPIO, HD audio
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The ultimate team player

Using open architectures and industry standard technologies, and leveraging the best HPC software, middleware and drivers, the DSP282/A delivers true interoperability. That reduces risk and cost and shortens time to deployment.

Wide temp range

Extended shock & vibration

Rugged, scalable solution

6U OpenVPX

What you need, how you need it

Configure one or more DSP282As with our 40 Gigabit Ethernet SBC627 single board computer and SWE540 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch. Take advantage of the industry’s most flexible I/O options. Create a solution that’s exactly right.

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Minimum SWaP, maximum security

Whether it’s back-end sensor- or image processing, radar, sonar, SAR, GMTI or mission computing, the DSP282/A delivers the minimal SWaP that helps extend loiter time – and a secure base to enable your data to stay safe.


Form Factor
Dual 5th Gen Intel Core i7 quad-core
Maximum Memory
Up to 32 GB DDR3 SDRAM
Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, SATA, USB
Serial I/O
1000Base SERDES, 1000BaseT
Fabric: 10/40GigE
Operating System (OS) Support
Linux, VxWorks, Windows
AXIS Support
Expansion Plane
Control Plane
Data Plane
Management Plane
BMM (Baseboard Man. Module)
32 GB
Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled

High Performance Embedded Computing

Combining open systems architectures with leading commercial and GPGPU processors delivers the performance, scalability and interoperability your most demanding applications need.

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More than just a board

It’s not just about the hardware. The DSP282/A is supported by AXIS, Abaco’s fully featured, easy to use software development environment. That means that not only does information get there faster - programs get deployed faster too.