AXIS ImageFlex 2.0

Image Processing and Visualization Toolkit

Easy To Use Framework

The ImageFlex 2.0 framework API is a user-friendly interface that provides an abstraction layer on top of OpenGL to allow developers with no OpenGL™ experience to rapidly create high performance image processing and graphics applications. It includes optimized, high quality image fusion, stabilization and distortion correction/ morphing algorithms, as well as comphrensive reference applications for AI classifer and object detection, target tracking, stabilization, “Skybox" (similar to Google Street View) spherical situation awareness, LiDAR data viewer and autonomous visualizer. The API facilitates full ‘spherical’ situational awareness by facilitating the use of ‘cube maps’ displaying stitched camera arrays and equi-rectangular images. The reference implementation, along with a configuration utility, can enable users to integrate their own camera array and processing very quickly.

Typical applications for ImageFlex include Degraded Visual Environment (DVE), 360° situational awareness, helmet mounted sight processing, and target identification and tracking as well as autonomous vehicle applications.

Speeds Development, Reduces Cost of Advanced Graphics Applications

AXIS ImageFlex 2.0 image processing and visualization toolkit enables customers to develop applications for platforms such as the GVC2000 more quickly and at a lower cost. Powerful application software that is unique in the rugged embedded computing market, ImageFlex greatly simplifies application creation by eliminating the need for the developer to be concerned with the underlying software layers all the while maintaining high performance. This significantly reduces GPU solution development cost and timelines. Code generated by using ImageFlex is easier to develop, test and debug – speeding time to deployment - and maintain.

ImageFlex features an OpenGL™ abstraction layer that can reduce lines of code by a factor of 5 and provides OpenCL™ and CUDA interoperability layers to simplify the problem of using the GPU for compute and display in harmony. It provides high quality implementations of GPU accelerated adaptive image fusion, lens distortion correction and image stabilization. By providing a comprehensive set of demos and reference examples as an application starting point, it reduces the developer learning curve even further. 

Abaco's Advanced Software Development Environment

ImageFlex 2.0 is also an element within Abaco’s AXIS software development environment, which is designed to simplify the process of creating sophisticated embedded applications. AXIS gives developers the tools they need to be more productive, and largely frees them from the complexities of the underlying hardware architecture. 


Advanced Integrated Software Development Tool Suite.



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