Advanced Technologies

We empower our customers with the latest advancements in rugged computing and communications technologies that provide the highest level of performance within the size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints of military and aerospace platforms

Abaco Systems’ designs provide rugged computing and communication products that adhere to open architecture standards such as VPX and cPCI, and our engineers actively participate in the development of new open standards.

Our goal is to provide the highest performance possible while optimizing the size, weight and power (SWaP) of our designs. To this end, maximizing the Instructions Per Second per Watt (MIPS/watt) or Floating-pointing operations per second per watt (GFLOPS/watt) is method of increasing performance while reducing power consumption. This is made possible through our relationships with vendors such as Intel, Freescale, NVIDIA and Tilera. We bring multi-core processing to the ruggedized embedded computing, allowing us to improve our throughput per watt performance.

We provide high-performance computing platforms based on the open architecture VPX (OpenVPX) VITA 46 standard. Our high-performance platforms leverage the latest in processor technology including Intel Core i7, NVIDIA’s GPGPU, and Tilera’s TILE processors.  

Along with our processing capabilities, Abaco Systems’ innovative thermal management technologies and design methodologies improve our products’ performance.

This cool-running technology allows us to increase the performance per volume and mass of our products, once again increase performance while reducing SWaP.

While increasing performance, reducing SWaP, and providing the latest processing technology are vitally important, we also recognize that the right development tools are equally critical. Without support to optimize the performance of our multi-processor platforms and your customers’ applications, our technology advancements are not fully realized. Abaco Systems’ AXIS multiprocessing Software Tool provides the capability to unlock the potential our high computing processor platforms, allowing the user to easily migrate and optimize applications on our hardware.

In addition to the design and manufacture of advanced computing platforms and the tools needed to maximize their performance, Abaco Systems provides enabling technologies for anti-tamper and information assurance. These technologies are critical to protecting the integrity of the deployed final product. We understand the criticality of the requirement and the technology that is necessary to accomplish it, and stand ready to help you solve your data security and platform integrity needs.