SCVPX6U-6CG 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Starter Cage

6U OpenVPX GPGPU Starter Cage with 6-slot backplane

SCVPX6U-6CG Starter Cage


Cost effective evaluation

The SCVPX6U-6CG OpenVPX Starter Cage provides a flexible, cost-effective platform designed to support Abaco Systems’ latest 6U OpenVPX GPGPU modules. The platform is suitable for hardware and software evaluation plus higher levels of integration, test and demonstration. The GPGPU Starter Cage allows system integrators to evaluate products in a laboratory environment, using different PCIe topologies to verify system architectures and performance.

Development chassis for CUDA-capable NVIDIA Graphics Processor

The SCVPX6U-6CG comprises a 6-slot backplane, card cage, PSU, cooling fan, provision for auxiliary storage and all internal power wiring. Two of the slots are designed to take a dual GPU card with 16 lanes of PCIe connected to each GPU, using the P1 and P5 connectors. Two separate GPGPU nodes are configured; the first with two CPU slots each connected using 16-lane PCIe to a GPU. The second node has one CPU connected with 8 lanes of PCIe to each GPU node.

Easy access

With the boards accessible from the front of the enclosure, the area behind the entire backplane is free. This allows access to rear I/O and easy fitting of Abaco Systems' range of rear transition modules (RTMs) and any associated cabling. 



Form Factor
Hard Disk
Up to 4x external IDE HDDs
Power Supply
Level 1 Std. Air Cooled

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