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The Department of Defense defines nine Technology Readiness Levels – from TRL 1, in which scientific research begins to be translated into applied research and development, to TRL 9, in which the technology has been proven under operational mission conditions.

What our customers need are products that enable their solution to achieve TRL 8, so that they can prove it works as intended in the conditions under which it will be deployed, and eventually TRL 9. Abaco delivers products that enable them to do that.

We take readiness a step further with our growing range of mission ready computers that are designed to reduce risk even further by providing a complete, pre-integrated, pre-qualified “plug ‘n’ play” subsystem. The MAGIC1 and DAQMAG2A are excellent examples of rugged display computers.



Sensitive applications need secure hardware platforms. That’s why we build in tamper-resistance, secure boot, memory sanitization and Intel Trusted Execution Technology.

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