PMC243 High Capacity Disk, PMC Form Factor

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on June 1, 2010

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The PMC243 family of embedded disk modules offers a totally new, high performance, low cost option for file system and boot storage. Combining high performance controllers developed for high end workstations with disk technology used in laptops, the PMC243 embedded disk module delivers very high data rates in a compact form factor implemented with components designed for physically demanding environments. With the PMC243 "single slot", computing solutions do not need to compromise on either capacity or performance. In addition, card edge PCI systems can be accommodated using our PMC239 adapter for rapid prototype and development.

  • Drivers for most popular RTOS and UNIX environments
  • Compact and extremely rugged
  • Alternative to costly SCSI legacy Fast read/write performance
  • Rotating Media from 40GB to 80GB
  • PCI 32bit at 33/66Mhz
  • Boot and run any OS in a single slot
  • Not recommended for new designs


Form Factor
IDE Hard Disk Adapter
Up to 120GB Rotating; Up to 32GB Solid State