PMC677RCTX Network Interface Card (NIC)

PMC677RCTX RoHS compliant PMC Quad 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet PCI -X

PMC677RCTX Network Interface Card (NIC)


Performance without increased system overhead

The Ethernet/PCI interface on the PMC676RCTX includes a powerful DMA engine for each port with very deep FIFO buffers (64K byte). This assures continuous, full bandwidth operation with minimum PCI overhead.

This feature-rich network interface card provides a suite of host off-loading features including:

  • Packet filtering based on checksum errors
  • SNMP and RMON statistic counters
  • Hardware TCP checksum off-loadingSupport for various address filtering modes such as 16 exact matches (unicast or multicast),
  • 4096-bit hash filter for multicast frames and promiscuous unicast and multicast.


Two PMC677RCTX boards can be directly cabled with a simple "cross-over". This configuration creates a full duplex 1000Mbit dedicated data path (for each port) - delivering high bandwidth at very low cost. More complex, dedicated interconnects can be created using a hub or switch. Both point-to-point and switched hubs, in full duplex mode, remove many determinism concerns raised with traditional Ethernet solutions. This makes the PMC677RCTX an excellent candidate for high performance interconnects that require real time determinism.

Comprehensive driver offering


Software drivers are available for most popular operating systems including VxWorks, Linux, LynxOS, Windows and Solaris. These drivers have been carefully designed and implemented to integrate into the native LAN protocol stack of host operating systems allowing full user control over the Ethernet interfaces. 


Form Factor
Port Type
Front Panel I/O Connectors
PCI Controller/ Ethernet MAC
Intel 82546

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