FMC40X FPGA Mezzanine Card

Clock and trigger distribution module

FMC40X FPGA Mezzanine Card


The FMC40X is a low noise clock generation and distribution module with eight clock outputs and eight trigger outputs that are fully synchronized. There are two configurations: 34.375MHz-250MHz or 34.375MHz-4.4GHz. The FMC40X is ideal for applications that require synchronous A/D or D/A sampling across multiple cards or systems.

This module can either distribute an externally supplied or a locally generated clock. 

A synchronous trigger signal received from the FMC connector is distributed to the eight trigger outputs. Additionally, an external trigger signal can by synchronized to the output clocks and distributed on the eight trigger outputs. 

Alternatively, it is also possible to distribute the external 1PPS or locally generated 1PPS signal for data time stamping.

The FMC406 is based on Analog Devices’ ADF4351 PLL synthesizer in combination with the Cypress Semiconductor CY29948AXI LVCMOS fan-out buffer. The FMC407 is based on Analog Devices’ ADF4351 PLL synthesizer in combination with the ADCLK954 LVPECL fan-out buffer.

The LINX RXM-GPS-F4-T GPS module provides the 1PPS signal for click and trigger synchronization for both configurations.


Form Factor
Air, Conduction
Clock Distribution and Trigger Distribution
8 trigger out, 8 clock out
FMC Connector
Frequency Range
34.375 to 4400 MHz

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