FMC120 Hardware Reference Manual

The FMC120 is an eight-channel ADC/DAC FMC daughter card. The card provides four 16-bit A/D channels and four 16-bit D/A channels that enable simultaneous sampling at a maximum rate of 1 GSPS.

The sample clock can be supplied externally through a coax connection or supplied by an internal clock source (optionally locked to an external reference). Additionally, there is one trigger input for customized sampling control.


The FMC120 daughter card is mechanically and electrically compliant to FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1-2010). The card has a high-pin count connector and is stackable, front panel I/O, and can be used in a conduction cooled environment. The analog signal inputs and outputs are DC coupled and are connected to MMCX/SSMC coax connectors on the front panel.

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