Open Standards

For the last 30+ years, we have based our product range on open standards – both industry standards and de facto standards. One of the first companies to create truly rugged VME solutions, Abaco Systems was fastest to market with single board computers based on the emerging VPX standard, and a prime mover behind the adoption of the OpenVPX standard. We are members of both VITA and PICMG. Abaco Systems has also long offered a range of products based on the CompactPCI architecture.

Our single board computer and graphics platforms are based on the de facto standards for the embedded computing industry – Freescale, Intel and NVIDIA – providing breadth and depth of choice to our customers, enabling you to choose the solution best-suited to your needs. Across our product range, you’ll find other industry standards such as PCI Express and Ethernet. Our high performance embedded computing (HPEC) boards and systems take advantage of the standard technologies deployed by the world’s biggest computing facilities – technologies such as InfiniBand – to bring data center performance to the harshest, most constrained environments.

We base our COTS products on the open standards that provide our customers with interoperability, upgradability and lower cost of ownership – but that’s where we start, not where we finish. Abaco Systems has a unique understanding of the needs of our customers that enables us to deliver broad-based added value, higher levels of functionality and superior price/performance. And: our leading edge hardware and software are backed by Abaco’s unrivaled suite of flexible, responsive support programs – and our commitment to lead the rugged embedded computing industry in customer service.