Network Enabled Operations


Military operations are increasingly reliant on communications and networking technologies. A record number of mobile communications assets ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles to soldiers carrying handheld computers are deployed in theaters around the world, and they exchange large amounts of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data every second. Military commanders now consider information dominance just as important as fire power dominance. U.S. Army generals, for example, see developing a superior communications network as the top priority in building a modern force.  

As military networks expand further and further out to the tactical edge, ground vehicles are becoming mobile wireless base stations, airborne assets are becoming network routers, and tactical cloud computing services are being deployed on servers running from forward operating bases.

Abaco Systems is at the leading edge of this battlefield transformation with our purpose-built, high-performance, rugged battlefield network appliances, servers and embedded boards. Our solutions have been deployed in all theaters of operation (land, air, sea and space), and have been field-proven to operate in the harshest environments.


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