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- Rapid I/O signal and data switching
- High performance multi-core digital processing

2) 5”/54 mk45 gun
- High performance mission computing

3) Vertical Launch System
- Tactical high performance switching and processing

4) Phalanx Close-in Weapon System
- Rapid high performance computing, low latency processing

5) Cooperative Engagement Capability
- Centralized computing/processing

6) Shipboard IFF
- High bandwidth, high performance computing

7) Directional NetWork
- Advanced sensor processing Multi-channel A/D

8) Undersea warfare combat system
- Acoustic data conversion
- High speed A/D synchronization

9) MK 54 Torpedo
- Embedded rugged computing and processing

10) Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile
- Rugged tactical high performance computing

11) Rolling Airframe Missile
- Computing/network switching
- High performance processing

Abaco Sea

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