NETernity™ RM984RC Ethernet Switch

VME Unmanaged Air & Conduction Cooled Layer 2 eight port 10/100TX Ethernet Switch

NETernity™ RM984RC Ethernet Switch


Air-Cooled Commercial Temp, Air-Cooled Industrial Temp and Conduction-Cooled

The RM984RC delivers full wire-speed 10/100BaseTX Ethernet Layer-2 switching on all ports. It is available in three models including air-cooled commercial temperature; air-cooled industrial temperature, and conduction-cooled.

A serial port is available on the air-cooled models to support setting of several features: port speeds, port duplex, port mirroring and port disable. An 8-port transition module is available to support applications needing external connections to the switch.

Control and Monitoring Capabilities

Layer 2 managed switches are switches with control and monitoring capabilities, but with the management limited to layer 2 capabilities. These are also accessed locally or remotely. Unmanaged switches are Layer-2 switches with no operator interface and are designed for quick deployment in simpler applications.

RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant


Form Factor
Port Type
Management Type
Unmanaged Layer-2

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