4-Channel, 160/180 MHz 16-Bit ADC PMC Module with Virtex-5 SX95T User Programmable FPGA. Designed for communications, radar and test & measurement applications, the ICS-1554 builds on the legacy of the ICS-554 digital receiver family.


This product entered a Restricted Production Phase (RPP) on July 10, 2012

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Designed for communications, radar, test & measurement applications, the ICS-1554 builds on the legacy of the industry-leading ICS-554 digital receiver family to provide unsurpassed ADC technology and with industry-leading DSP expertise. The result is a cost-effective combination of size and performance in a single PMC site.

The ICS-1554 consists of four 16-bit ADCs sampling synchronously at frequencies up to 160 MHz or 180 MHz. Simultaneous downconversion of up to 16 arbitrary signal bands is provided by four Graychip GC4016 digital downconverters (DDCs). A Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T FPGA is provided for user-defined signal processing functions, giving greater capacity and lower power consumption than previous generations.

The product is ideally suited for demanding applications in military communications, 3G & 4G cellular basestation development, signal intelligence, smart antenna, radar beamforming, wireless test & measurement and satellite ground stations.


  • Four AC-Coupled Analog Inputs
  • Fs ≤ 160 MHz or Fs ≤ 180 MHz per channel
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T User Programmable FPGA
  • PCI-X 64-bits/133 MHz Master/Target Burst Mode DMA capable
  • 64 User I/Os via Pn4 connector routed directly to FPGA
  • Pn4 LVDS or LVTTL signal levels
  • Programmable internal clock
  • VxWorks, Linux and Windows software drivers
  • Sensor Processing Resource Center




Form Factor
Receiver (Analog Input)
Max. Sampling/Conversion Frequency
160 MHz/ch. or 180 MHz/ch.
User Programmable FPGA
Virtex-5 V5SX95T
Commercial (benign)


  • DRV-1554-VXW, DRV-1554-LX and DRV-1554-WIN - Software device drivers for VxWorks, Linux and Windows operating systems
  • HDK-1554 Hardware Development Kit included
  • TECHNO-5012-F - PMC to PCI Carrier
  • ICS-7004A - Short PCI Express Carrier Card for one PMC Module
  • ICS-7002 - PCI Carrier for dual PMC
  • ICS-7003 - PCI Express Carrier for dual PMC
  • CN-MMCX - Connector for Analog I/O, Clock, Trigger, and Sync (one per I/O)
  • CBL-1138 - Analog Input/Output Cable

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