FORCE1 - Open Reference Computing Environment for FACE™ Conformant Applications


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FORCE1 is a rugged software reference platform comprising COTS boards packaged in a proven chassis design. It is intended to provide a platform for customers to try COTS software, develop application code, and demonstrate capabilities on a rugged platform that is capable of being deployed on real airborne platforms.

The Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium (FACE™) is leading the development of open standards for avionics systems.  The intention of the standard is to bring interoperability and portability of applications, as well as ensuring a robust architecture and quality software development.

The FACE architecture is intended to drive more capabilities to the warfighter faster, while stimulating innovation within the avionics industry.

FACE™ is a trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.


• SBC312

    • 1.2 GHz QorIQ P4080

    • Eight e500mc cores

    • 2 GB dual-channel DDR3

    • 4 GB NAND flash

    • x4 PCIe to graphics




    • S3 2300E GPU

    • 256 MB DDR3



• 2 independent channels video out

• DVI or VGA

• 3x 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet

• 2x USB 2.0

• 2x RS-232

• TV capture


Compatible Software

• Wind River Hypervisor

• Presagis OpenGL

• Presagis VAPS XT 


Form Factor
3U Boxed
S3 2300E GPU
Extended Temperature Range

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