5658 MMS ECM, Analog

Modular Micro Mezzanine System™ Electrical Conversion Module (ECM) Analog to Digital Converter - 8 channel, 16 bit Current Comparator, Current Sense, 4 to 20 mA Loop Sense (RoHS Compliant Lead-free)


ECM P/N 5658 provides eight channels of 16 bit current measurement in the 0 to 25 milli-amp range. Each channel allows independent common mode voltages from -100 volts to +100 volts. Current detection is accomplished with a precision 100 ohm current sense resistor, creating a voltage drop of 2V in the current loop at 20 milli-amps. The current should be uni-directional going from the odd numbered IO line to the even numbered IO line. In this case from IO1 to IO0. Maximum data rates are 100KHz, but samples per channel will depend on the number of channels scanned, if all eight channels are scanned the rate per channel would be 100KHz / 8 = 12.5KHz.


ADC Current Comparator
Technical Parameters
8 channel, 12-bit, 100KHz
0-25mA range, 100 ohm current sense resistor

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