5085 MMS ECM, Analog

Modular Micro Mezzanine System™ Electrical Conversion Module (ECM) Analog to Digital Converter - Delta-Sigma 2 channel, High Resolution, Low Speed (RoHS Compliant Lead-free)


ECM P/N 5085 provides two channels of 24 bit A/D conversion suitable for high resolution low speed applications, which include bridge circuits, thermocouples, RTD and voltage measurements. For bridge applications each channel provides a fused +5 Volt or a current source drive. The current source is selectable for 10uA, 210uA or 1mA. A differential reference input allows use with 6 wire bridges. For voltage measurement the internal reference allows a 0 to 1.17V input range. An on chip Instrumentation Amp with gains of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 enables measurement of lower level voltages. For temperature measurement an on chip bias network simplifies use with thermocouples and the current sources are useful for driving RTDs. Input impedances are 100Meg ohms in buffered mode and 2.5Meg ohms in un-buffered mode, which is software selectable. Inputs can be ground referenced or differential, but must be positive voltages. Sample rates are Programmable from 4.17Hz to 500Hz. With 159Hz low pass analog input filters, 80dB 60/50Hz rejection and 100dB common mode rejection. A serial identification circuit prevents use with incorrect FPGA IP.


Technical Parameters
2 channel, 24-bit, 500Hz
Software selectable input voltage ranges

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