Upgrading the RAMix RM931 or CP931 to Firmware v4.3.6


This upgrade procedure applies to all variants of the GE Fanuc RAMix 931 ethernet switch, including the RM931 VME form factors and the CP931 cPCI form factor versions.

The upgrade must be done in two distinct steps

  1. Upgrade from v3.x to v4.0.1
  2. Upgrade from v4.0.1 to v4.3.1

Do not attempt to upgrade directly from v3.x to v4.3.1.  The v4.0.1 establishes a significant change to the switch's internal file system structure.   This must be accomplished before the v4.3.6 upgrade can be installed.

Step by Step Instructions

Refer to README.pdf for details instructions on upgrading the switch

  1. Login to the switch console as 'admin' and verify the current switch revision level with the 'version' command.
  2. Copy the appropriate upgrade files to the switch using ftp.
  3. Upgrade the switch.