A Robot Race on the Moon? At Least One Company Is All In

GE races to the moon

The space exploration company Astrobotic wants to be your robot’s cheap ticket to the moon. The aerospace innovator is planning to start flying missions there in summer 2016. Its lander-in-development, called Griffin, will have enough room on board to take four robotic rovers and scientific instruments to the lunar surface. On the way, it could also drop off a satellite in the moon’s orbit.

Astrobotic is competing with 17 other teams to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE with having to land a rover on the moon; drive it for 500 meters (1,640 feet) along, above or below the lunar surface; and send back a high-definition TV signal for the world to see.

READ the GE Report on how the company has teamed with GE’s Intelligent Platforms to build a Lunar Lander that will use GE’s MAGIC1 image processing computer as well as building a Lunar Rover that will use a GE GPGPU module.

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