Abaco Systems Announces Newest PCI Mezzanine Card


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— March 18, 2021 Abaco Systems announces the PNIC1G, our newest PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) offering a range of new options to customers that will expand our portfolio of network interface cards. This card provides longevity while being rugged and flexible for new and legacy systems, allowing customers to choose the right form factor for their application.

The PNIC1G delivers a path to upgrade legacy systems (using products like the PMC676 and PMC677) through a simple drop-in replacement featuring the latest technology including the Intel I210 Ethernet Controllers. This provides a longer lifespan for legacy products and eliminates the need for costly upgrades. This Ethernet controller also allows the PCI mezzanine card to operate using lower power. This product is suitable for every embedded Ethernet PMC use case (whether defense, aerospace, industrial or commercial). It is a fully rugged solution able to operate across the full -40C and +85C range.

This card offers front or rear IO options and either 2x or 4x ports on front IO versions. The 4x ports available on the densest versions of the PNIC1G prove we are packing the highest number of ports into the available space without compromising on performance or efficiency resulting in minimal SWaP. The PNIC1G is an expansion of the Abaco portfolio of networking products and offers more flexibility than ever to compliment systems using single board computers and other products with PMC connectors.  Abaco is committed to listening to the needs of our customers and innovating to deliver best in class solutions to our customers enabling them to succeed.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “While many customers are sticking with form factors such as VME, they also need to refresh their systems as the threat of obsolescence arises or to add new capabilities. The PNIC1G represents a long lifespan solution to replace or upgrade interfaces in such systems. Abaco is able to deliver a product which reduces cost and expands the lifecycle for existing customers, while giving them the opportunity to pick the best solution for their architectures and systems.”


Technical Overview

The PNIC1G is a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) compatible module providing a dual or four channel Ethernet 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T interface. The PNIC1G is a fully rugged solution that operates across the full -40C and +85C range. Equipped with the latest Intel I210 Ethernet Controller technology. Options for 2x or 4x port and front or rear IO. The PNIC1G can be fitted onto standard Single Board Computers (SBCs) that have PMC sites, or other carrier products.

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