Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei/Finmeccanica

NH90 Naval Helicopter - Common Acoustic Processor (CAP)

The NH90 is the biggest helicopter development program ever launched in Europe and is being developed by Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, based on a jointly expressed requirement for an innovative naval/tactical helicopter.

The NH90 Naval Helicopter is conceived primarily for autonomous anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface ship warfare missions. Additional applications include anti-air warfare support, vertical replenishment, search and rescue and troop transport.

We are supplying rugged computer technology to the Common Acoustic Processor (CAP), for the NH90 Naval Helicopter variant, being developed by Finmeccanica Agusta. The CAP, part of the anti-submarine warfare suite, is at the core of the helicopter’s sonic management system and is configured using our standard (COTS) product range.

The GE Embedded Systems integrated system solution comprises a 1-ATR Long enclosure containing our latest generation DSP, Graphics and PowerPC processors, PMC 1553, DSP gateway and I/O modules. The system, with a powerful DSP multi-processor at its core, will simultaneously acquire, filter, transmit and process data from both sonar and sonobuoy applications.

Our fully-qualified COTS sub-system solution meets the program’s exacting functionality and performance requirements, reducing the cost and lead-time uncertainties associated with a custom design, which might once have threatened this kind of system development.

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