Phased Array Radar


Phased array radars have become the radar of choice whether for maritime, land or airborne applications. This commonality sets up phased array radars perfectly for COTS-based solutions. No matter the number of elements, GE’s embedded computing solutions will work from small form factors (SFF) to a full line of 6U form factors. This is especially important for legacy systems upgrades to phased array, where the existing SWaP footprint defines the system’s physical parameters.

Front- and Back-end Processing

Phased array radars demand the highest density computing of any radar system. GE embedded computing solutions can make your phased array radar solution come to life in any of the most demanding performance environments.  Whether it is custom or modified COTS front-end processing constrained by severe SWaP limitations or high-intensity back-end processing that still must perform in real time, GE has the building blocks ready for you and your applications.

Make or Buy?

This is the upfront decision which is creating the competitive advantage throughout the platform’s lifecycle. Never before has the relationship with an experienced provider been so crucial. Let GE accept the embedded computing risk. We can give you the best chance of meeting your schedule dates, price points, and performance KPPs, and let you concentrate on the Tier I integration and algorithm development and implementation. This concentration of each team member doing what they do best is how you develop a competitive advantage that translates into winning contracts.

Modular and Scalable

End users no longer want single-use solutions that are stove-piped to a specific platform. Instead, they demand interoperable solutions that can be used across different platforms and in different systems. That is why modular and scalable open systems architecture solutions are necessary. These winning designs not only save NRE expense but also form the basis of commonality efforts to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through the customer’s inventory.

State-of-the-Art Solution

Abaco Systems is an Early Access partner with both Intel® and Freescale® to bring you today – and tomorrow – cutting-edge high-performance computing uninterrupted by sudden block obsolescence that can be experienced by smaller suppliers. GE also has a unique relationship with NVIDIA that can provide you with the most modern GPGPU technology – giving you an unsurpassed competitive advantage.

Break the Computing Paradigm

Phased array CPUs are built on traditional CPU computing architectures where each generation of processor doubles the number of cores. But: GPU technology represents a paradigm shift with its massively parallel architecture – enabling the 50 GFLOPS performance of yesterday translating to today’s performance of over 1,000 GFLOPS. And, when combined with a CUDA development environment, this architecture can be ready in even less time than with a conventional programming approach. This is the type of competitive advantage that distinguishes your design both in terms of actual performance in the field and in proposal performance against competing designs.

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