VME-1184 Input Board

32-bit Optically Isolated Change-of-State (COS) Input Board with Sequence-of-Events (SOE)

VME-1184 Input Board with Sequence-of-Events (SOE)


The VME-1184 is an optically isolated 32-channel input board with Change-of-State (COS) interrupt capabilities. The interrupt control logic can be programmed to issue an interrupt upon specific state changes. The user selects the state change to use by programming the Control and Status Register (CSR) for the desired activity. The VME-1184 board will store up to 512 state changes when COS logic is enabled, preventing the board from losing a state change during interrupt servicing.

  • Front panel inputs for configurable counter/quardrature input with daisy chaining capability
  • Available with either a standard VME front panel or the IEEE 1101.10 front panel (see ordering options)
  • COS detection is programmable on an individual channel basis
  • Sequence-of-Event (SOE) monitoring
  • Programmable interrupt vector
  • COS data is captured in 512 states deep FIFO
  • Contact debounce is software selectable
  • Front panel LED status indicator for each input
  • Input voltage range is field configurable on a channel-by-channel basis (5V, 12V or 24-28V)
  • 32 channels of optically isolated digital Change-of-State (COS) Inputs connected through the VME P2, rows A and C


Form Factor
32 Input
Data Transfer Bits
8, 16, 32
I/O Voltage Range
5 to 34 VDC


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