PCMCIA - PCMCIA carriers and adapters for expansion modules, providing greater flexibility and range of I/O options at a lower cost with integrated solutions to cover a variety of form factors.

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on September 30, 2009

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The RM235 is a 6U module adding PCMCIA capability to VMEbus systems. Two independent dual sockets each provide connection for up to two Type I or Type II cards or one Type III card. Total capacity is four Type I or Type II cards, two Type III cards. PCMCIA devices offer a vast range of I/O and storage capabilities e.g. LAN, RS232, FAX/Modem, GPIB, FLASH and SRAM memories as well as disk devices. The addition of PCMCIA to a VMEbus system can be the ideal solution in a variety of situations. The RM235 is an extremely powerful and cost effective tool for increasing flexibility in VMEbus systems without adding slots. The RM235 fully supports live insertion and card detect.

  • All configurations are via Software
  • Data D8/D16/D32
  • Address A16/A24/A32
  • VMEbus Rev. C1
  • PCMCIA Release 2.1
  • Four PCMCIA Type I/II or Two Type III


Form Factor