Restricted Production Phase

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The CT9 is a full hot swap single board computer designed for use in a broad range of applications such as wireless base stations
September 2010
This compact all-in-one CPU module is very well suited for I/O intensive applications in market segments like automation,industrial control, and transportation
September 2010
The CR9 is designed to meet the harsh environmental requirements of markets such as the heavy industry, simulation/training, test & measurement, military and aerospace
September 2010
RoHS compliant with version 3.x, Single slot, compliant to VITA 31.1, extended op. temp.
September 2010
RoHS compliant version 3.x, Dual slot front panel, extensive front I/O functions, VITA 31.1 compliant
September 2010
6U VME PowerPC Single Slot SBC
October 2008
SCSI Flash drive, extended op. temp.
May 2007
RoHS compliant, Single slot, compliant to: Packet switching backplane, hot swap, IPMI, Audio
July 2006