RAR-MPCIE Interface

ARINC High Density Mini PCI Express Interface Card


Super small

The RAR-MPCIE is very small (30mm x 40.95mm x 4.7mm) and lightweight for applications deployed in highly constrained environments where platforms require minimum SWaP solutions.  It is designed for those working in avionics test and simulation for field and test support, and for use in data logging in which it offers significant advantages and flexibility. The Mini PCI Express interface and small size and weight also make the RAR-MPCIE ideal for installation in a portable device or in small form factor mother board systems, delivering the appropriate mix and quantity of I/O for each application. 

The small form factor of the RAR-MPCIE does not compromise its capability, however. The RAR-MPCIE features eight receive and four transmit channels. It can be configured to include one receive and one transmit ARINC 717 channel as well as supporting avionics-level voltages via four input/output bi-directional discretes.




Rugged I/O high retention connectors

Ideal for harsh environments in which shock and vibration can create reliability challenges , the RAR-MPCIE is also characterized by its unique-leading hard tie screw-in high retention rugged connector that is not found in competing products. 


Reduce application development time

For customers already leveraging the power and flexibility of Abaco's broad Avionics I/O offerings, the RAR-MPCIE provides an additional form factor in line with industry trends, and an API (application programming interface) that is proven and familiar, as it is consistent with other Abaco products. 






# ARINC Channels:
Up to 8 Receive and 4 Transmit
Lab, Simulation, Test, Notebook Portable, Rugged, Embedded
Form Factor
Mini PCI Express
429, 575, 717, 573 2-wire
Temp Range
Commercial XT

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RAR-MPCIE Interface

ARINC High Density Mini PCI Express Interface Card
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ARINC High Density Mini PCI Express Interface Card

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